From hand-sketched storyboards to wireframes and user flow diagrams, I lead and participate in every stage of crafting the user experience.

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I enjoy studying the impact that design has on society, and have a passion for understanding what drives people to react to design in the ways that they do.


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Hi, I'm Mark.
I am a Utah Freelance UX Design and UI Design professional.

John Doe

UX Director

A UX and UI Pro

"I am a Freelance UX Designer living in Utah, working for UX and UI Design clients worldwide. I work both as a leader and designer."

Mark Smith

Team Player

Learn from the past

"I love learning life lessons from our forebears, like my grandfather who fought as a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain."

Jane McDonald

About Me

I live for UX

"I am a Salt Lake City, Utah based User Experience Designer, UX Designer, Freelance UX Designer and Freelance Interaction Designer."

2002 - 2006

Senior Art Director

Video Game UX Director across EA Sports titles such as Madden NFL and Nascar.

Orlando, Florida
  • Madden 2003 - 2007
  • Nascar 2002 - 2007
  • NFL Street
  • Superman Returns
  • NCAA Football

2012 - 2014

Digital Design Director

Entertainment Branding, Web and Mobile Apps.

Detroit, Michigan
  • iOS and Android UX Art Direction
  • Website Team Leader
  • Company Creative Director

2009 - 2011

Creative Director

Interact Medical 3D Animation, Web and Mobile.

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • iOS and Android UX
  • 3D Animation Art Director
  • Company President

1994 - 1999

Creative Director

EAI Interactive Studio Creative Head.

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Disney PC Edutainment
  • Dreamworks PC Strategy Games
  • Hasbro PC Strategy Games

UI & UX Design

Interface Design


User Analysis
User Flow Diagrams
Axure Wireframes
Sketch UI Design
Flinto Prototyping
Mocks & Layouts
Branding & Design

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UX/UI Direction


Creative Direction
Specification Writing
UX Team Direction
Product Management
Contractor Supervision
Client Meetings
Quoting & Estimation

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Tech & Coding

Technology Services


Scripting & Coding
3DS Max and Maya
Interactive Prototyping
Motion Graphics
HD Video Production

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