From hand-sketched storyboards to wireframes and user flow diagrams, I lead and participate in every stage of crafting the user experience.

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I enjoy studying the impact that design has on society, and have a passion for understanding what drives people to react to design in the ways that they do.


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Hi, I'm Mark.
Explore my personal portfolio of user experience, branding and interactive design.

John Doe

Creative Director

Jack of All Trades

"I have been fortunate to have worked in multiple creative industries including video games, advertising, e-learning and mobile app development."

Mark Smith

Team Player

Learn from the past

"I love learning life lessons from our forebears, like my grandfather who fought as a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain."

Jane McDonald

About Me

A Family Man

"We all have to have our passions in life. Mine is my wife and children. I like to think that I work to live, not live to work."

2002 - 2006

Senior Art Director

Video Game UX Director across EA Sports titles such as Madden NFL and Nascar.

Orlando, Florida
  • Madden 2003 - 2007
  • Nascar 2002 - 2007
  • NFL Street
  • Superman Returns
  • NCAA Football

2012 - 2014

Digital Design Director

Entertainment Branding, Web and Mobile Apps.

Detroit, Michigan
  • iOS and Android UX Art Direction
  • Website Team Leader
  • Company Creative Director

2009 - 2011

Creative Director

Interact Medical 3D Animation, Web and Mobile.

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • iOS and Android UX
  • 3D Animation Art Director
  • Company President

1994 - 1999

Creative Director

EAI Interactive Studio Creative Head.

Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Disney PC Edutainment
  • Dreamworks PC Strategy Games
  • Hasbro PC Strategy Games

UI & UX Design



User Analysis
User Flow Diagrams
Axure Wireframes
Sketch UI Design
Flinto Prototyping
Mocks & Layouts
Branding & Design

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Art Direction


Creative Direction
Proposal Writing
Art Team Direction
Project Management
Contractor Supervision
Client Meetings
Quoting & Estimation

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Tech & Coding



Scripting & Coding
3DS Max and Maya
Hosting & Servers
Motion Graphics
HD Video Production

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